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Social assistance

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The definition “social support” refers to “case management” , and means individual work with a person according to their needs. Social work favors restoring and improving human capabilities to organize his or her lives independently.

Our social assistants see their task as teaching the beneficiary to live without any assistance in the future. This is considered to be the main criterion for professional success.

The main goal is always to restore beneficiary’s ability to act independently in the social environment. In our work, the central figure is a victim and the goal is their independence from the need for social assistants help.

В нашей работе центральной фигурой является пострадавший, а целью - освобождение его от потребности в социальных ассистентах.

Social worker’s activity focuses on the whole range of problems such as:

- To adapt to conditions of modern society and to form an active position to resolve own problems ;

- Individual diagnosis of social and personal problems of beneficiary;

- Social prevention in cases of possible violence and risky departure for work abroad;

- Social help and social support to those who need it;

- Consulting on all Social Welfare questions;

- Social rehabilitation ;

- Assistance in obtaining health and social services to the beneficiary;

Workshop training is a new direction in the work of our organization:

"The alternative to Violence ", "Effective employment techniques", "I am a woman ", etc.

Training tasks :

1. To help people experiencing violence to reduce the level of violence in their lives.

2 . To help people cope with the desire to be a victim and reduce the need for violence.

3 . Educate a way out of difficult situations and conflict peacefully.

4 . To Accumulate skills of non-violent and constructive interaction.

5. 5 . Enhance self-esteem and self- confidence.

6. How to look for a job.

7. How to write a good resume (CV) .

8. How to prepare for the interview and self-presentation.