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Psychological help

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 Highly qualified psychologists work in NGO "Women's Initiative" assisting beneficiaries with  overcoming crisis situations and dealing with fear, guilt, depression as well as post-traumatic stress in more complex cases.

Psychological help is provided through individual and family counseling and it is free of charge.

Workshop training is a new direction in the work of our organization: "The alternative to Violence ", "Effective employment techniques", "I am a woman "", etc.


Psychologists use such methods and areas in their work as:

1) Systemic family therapy;/span>;

2) Art Therapy ;

3) Gestalt therapy ;

4) Cognitive-behavioral therapy ;

5) Play Therapy ;

6) Narrative therapy ;

7) Erickson hypnosis ;

8) EMDR ;

9) Short-term positive therapy;

10) Sand therapy ;


Our psychologists work on:

1) Post-traumatic stress disorder;

2) Depression, fear , anxiety ;

3) A sense of hopelessness , life deadlock ;

4) Marital conflict;

5) Conflicts between parents and children.