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Legal aid

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Legal aid is available free of charge and aims to ensure the fulfillment of the beneficiaries’ rights and raising awareness about them. As a result, a wide range of legal problems are addressed such as obtaining an ID, documents on child custody , compensation , divorce proceedings in cases of domestic violence, property and housing issues to representation in court during trial , civil or criminal proceedings .

When people come to our organization and ask for help in assessing their crisis situation, problems that can be solved with help of a competent lawyer necessarily emerge. Resolution of the problems is often a basic foundation of positive reintegration into society of the beneficiary. In our world, people cannot live comfortably without a passport, registration, legal work, decent homeownership. Sometimes only the intervention of a lawyer from our center in collaboration with a social assistant enables beneficiaries to feel their self a worthy member of society, protected by law, have all the rights of citizens.

Often as obtaining a simple thing as a passport allows a person to radically change the style and quality of life. Sometimes only one meeting with a lawyer is enough to step out of the crisis, another beneficiary needs long-term counseling and legal support.

Lack of knowledge about human rights and freedoms often drives people to deadlock, accumulates a tangle of problems and causes that they alone cannot cope.