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Our Projects

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

1." Direct assistance to victims of trafficking and domestic violence" Project.

The project started in 2010 with financial support by  IOM.

The main goal of this project is to assist in the protection and reintegration of victims of trafficking, potential victims and victims of domestic violence by providing legal aid, psychological and social assistance.

2. "Improving the quality of life of rural women from vulnerable groups both banks of Dniester as a confidence-building measure".

The project is implemented by the International Centre for Advancement of Women in Business ICAWB together with partner organizations – NGO «Women’s Initiative " and the Association of Business Women of Criulen district. The project consists of comprehensive program 60 hour of interactive workshops for rural women from vulnerable groups.

  • February 2014 workshop "How to improve self-confidence and successfully find a job".
  • March 2014 workshop "Legislative support of small businesses and tax system".
  • April 2014 workshop "How to organize and successfully manage your own business".
  • May 2014 workshop "Effective sales techniques".