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About us

    Nongovernmental Organization the Center of social and legal innovations "Women's Initiatives" was recorded on January 10, 2010 , registration number : 03-100-3713.


Assisting across the fulfillment of the rights and resolving social problems of men, women and children affected by, domestic violence, as well as the categories of people who are at the risk group.


  • Protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of youth, women, the promotion of equal democratic civil society;
  • Providing to children, adolescents and women and also their families with qualified social, psychological and pedagogical, humanitarian and legal assistance;
  • Using social management technologies to create a network of partnerships with NGOs, youth centers and social orientation within the country and abroad;
  • Searching, testing and implementation of innovative methods and techniques of social, psychological and pedagogical support of youth and women;
  • Establishment of methodical and educational bases of professionals’ training and retraining;
  • Promoting the orientation of humanitarian education to the needs of society, the development of cultural contacts, education of tolerance in interpersonal and other relationship. The engaging of youth into the formation of pluralistic culture, preservation and popularization of cultural heritage, formation of openness in the sphere of culture and promotion with the development of civil society.


  •   The work on clarifying the following issues: general health and reproduction ( the problem of " Mother and Child "), increasing the access of young people to study, the elimination of violence against children and women; the support for socially unprotected citizens; the publication of human rights literature, training in human rights, the expansion of international contacts;
  • The promotion in coordination the governmental, public and commercial organizations in the creation of legal, economic and socio- cultural conditions for the realization of the creative potential of women, youth , society;
  • Creating a system of the informational work with public opinion for the purpose of the effective participation in resolving the problems of women and youth and defending their rights and freedoms;
  • Participation in the development and implementation of inter-regional and regional dedicated programs that promote the achievement of statutory goals and objectives of the Partnership, including the search and interaction with sources of funding of these programs;
  • Attracting of native and foreign investors to implement the socio- cultural projects and programs for the needs of youth and women and their families’ members ; participation in national and international dedicated programs of rendering the humanitarian and charitable assistance ;
  • Conduct socio- psychological research in accordance with the statutory goals ;
  • Rendering of consultative, informational and other assistance to the members of the Partnership; symposia, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other events on relevant topics.

   NGO "Women's Initiatives" has a staff with years of experience in this field. With the support of the International Organization for Migration, psychologists and social workers had specialized training to assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. The specialists of our center are constantly studying, using, distributing and applying the knowledge and skills in their practice of social work. They also raise the level of their professionalism, support and expand their expertise in order to improve the quality of services, while promoting the search and evaluation of new approaches and practices in their operations.